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August 3-26

USA, Georgia, Savannah

Performed at the Savannah Voice Festival

(Hosted by Sherril Milnes)

September 20

Japan, Nagoya, HITOMI Hall

2nd Kurihara Takaki Baritone recital Nagoya tour

Hosted by: Menicon Business Assist (MBA) Event Creation Department

Adv: 3,000  Door: 3,500 yen

Student adv: 1,500 yen  Student door: 2000 yen

Tell: 052-935-1630


September 23

Japan, Toyama, Rapport Hall

2nd Kurihara Takaki baritone recital Toyama tour

Hosted by Takaki Kurihara Baritone Recital Executive Committee

Door: 2,500 yen  Student door: 1,500 yen

Tell: 050-3573-0923


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